7 Popular Summer Activities for Kids on Hilton Head Island

Making sure the kids are entertained is sometimes not the easiest thing to do – especially while on vacation. That’s why going to a kid-friendly vacation spot is key. Hilton Head Island, SC has been entertaining kids and their families for decades. The 12-mile East Coast island has summer activities for all ages – including […]

Why Hilton Head is One of the Best Places to go for Labor Day Weekend

If you don’t already have plans for Labor Day Weekend, you should make them now and come to Hilton Head Island, SC. Labor Day to some is a nice three-day holiday weekend, but to Hilton Head, it symbolizes the end of Summer. It is the last hoorah for the island, and people are ready to […]

5 Tips for a Fun Family Vacation

For Any Time of the Year! Planning and packing for yourself can be stressful enough – but for your family of 5? That could be considered more than stressful. There’s really no need to panic though! The best places to vacation are prepared for restless kids, tired parents, and lots of delivery pizza (for the […]

Love & Preserve Hilton Head Beaches

Did you know that Hilton Head Island, SC has 12 miles of oceanfront? That’s 12 miles of beach for you to sit and relax, ride bikes, and enjoy the salty air. There are 7 beach parks that allow public access, and they cover the entire island – North to South – welcoming visitors and residents […]

5 Reasons You Need a Summer Vacation

Even though summer is supposed to be a time of kids being out of school, summer camps, and sleeping in, most people look forward to their summer vacation all year. There is always time for your family’s summer activities, sports and camps, but always make time for that one (or two) week trip that you […]

How to Sky Gaze on Hilton Head

Sky gazing is among the oldest leisure activities, and the night sky has fascinated people for centuries. On any starry night, people can enjoy the mystery and beauty of the heavens with a pair of binoculars and a chair. Even naked eye observations of the sky can reveal a great deal about the basics of […]

Hilton Head in the Winter Months

Why We Still Love the Beach in Chilly Weather Nothing beats summer days at the beach – toes in the warm sand and sun-kissed cheeks as the sun goes down. Those days are gone for now, but there are still so many reasons to enjoy the beach in the chillier weather, especially during the holidays! […]

Tips for a Rainy Vacation Day

Don’t let the rain wash out your vacation! We have some ideas to make your stay fun and memorable – rain or shine.



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