Fall is an interesting time of year in Hilton Head. It allows restaurants and business owners a chance to relax and prepare for the holiday, and it’s a time where being outside is very enjoyable!

Festivals and outside events are very popular during the fall season, and people really enjoy everything Hilton Head has to offer. Golfers also spend weekends here to enjoy the weather and courses that are in great condition. So, what is the weather normally like?

The chill of the air is beginning in the mornings with midday normally hitting in the 70s. If you are an early morning walker, you might need a long sleeve top, but will most likely need to take it off by the end! Depending on rainy days, we still will have some humid days that will bring the thoughts of summer back. The temperate nights will have a cool breeze, but nothing to panic over.

What Exactly Should You Pack for the Fall Season?

That should be the extent of cold weather clothes you should put in your suitcase. No need for the heavy coat, scarf or gloves. As was mentioned, mornings will be cooler. When the sun sets, the temperature may drop, but nothing too drastic! It really is the best time to be in Hilton Head.

The weather is still warm enough to visit the beach, but might just require another layer. A swimsuit and towel might not be enough compared to August. You will likely need clothes to ensure you are comfortable!

The change in seasons also offers new opportunities that are not available during the summer. Smaller beach crowds allow for dogs to be on the beach during the day (unlike summer), and most places on the island have a much more relaxed feel.

We always want our guests to look at the weather before their trip to get a more accurate forecast. The 5-day weather forecast will be your best bet! Living here, winter coats normally stay in the closet until a ski trip, and a jean jacket becomes the every day wear. We love it, and we think you will too!

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