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Planning and packing for yourself can be stressful enough – but for your family of 5? That could be considered more than stressful. There’s really no need to panic though! The best places to vacation are prepared for restless kids, tired parents, and lots of delivery pizza (for the nights when you just don’t want to leave the room.)

We’ve got some tips and places that are great family friendly vacation spots and will have everyone entertained! Don’t worry about the crying toddler, forgotten umbrella, or lost towel. The best family vacations are the ones where you look back and laugh at all the craziness you (and everyone else) dealt with!

1. Go to a Family Friendly Vacation Spot

Although your vacation – no matter what time of year – may be in the same town for as long as you can remember, we’ve got a place you should try if you want to switch it up! Hilton Head Island, SC, consistently ranked among the best islands in the U.S. by Travel and Leisure, has everything your family needs.

Hilton Head Island, SC is on the East Coast of the U.S., located about an hour north of Savannah, GA. Right on the Georgia and South Carolina line, they’ve got local seafood, family entertainment, and 12 miles of beach. Not only is there salty water and sand, the island has almost 65 miles of bike trails for those who want to remain active on their trip. We recommend Wheelz of Hilton Head for all of your bike rental needs! Give them a call at (843) 842-4445 or visit them online here.

Hilton Head also offers a wide range of activities with multiple putt-putt parks, public playgrounds, a zip-line course, and all kinds of family entertainment! Check out Adventure Hilton Head and Adventure Cove Mini Golf & Arcade if this is something you’re interested in. There is also a great night life for you and your family to enjoy. Live music, great food, and sunset watching is all over the island. Don’t be afraid to contact a local babysitter if you are needing that parents’ night out!

2. Plan Vacation Activities Ahead of Time

Just like restaurant reservations, activities can fill up just as quick if they are worthwhile. Whether it’s a golf lesson, tennis lesson, or bike rental, make sure to reserve before you arrive! This will not only ensure you have a spot and avoid disappointment, but will allow your days to be planned.

Most of all, kid friendly vacation spots will have activities, ages, and times listed on their website or a phone number to call with questions. If they’ve never taken a surf lesson or ridden a horse, don’t be afraid to call the company and ask questions. Trust me, I bet there isn’t a question they haven’t answered. Or, if the kids want to try out a sport like golf or tennis for the first time, get them into a camp and allow them to fall in love with something while you are all spending time together.

We say the same thing for the adults! Research your vacation spot and try out something you haven’t tried. Call your resort or hotel and ask whatever you decide, just remember to make your reservations, ask your questions, and enjoy your fun, family vacation!

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Out to Eat

Just because dinner isn’t as easy with kids, doesn’t mean you can’t do it! The best family times are filled with good food, great outdoor entertainment, and ice cream on the way home. There will be lots of local restaurants with games, play areas, and kid seating that they can enjoy! Some of our favorites are Up The Creek, Street Meet American Tavern, and Old Oyster Factory. Make a reservation if you can, but if they don’t take them, ask what you and your family can do while you wait.

Also, don’t forget your backup activities. A book, coloring book and crayons, and also a movie on the iPad can be used as entertainment while you wait. Additionally, remember that everyone was once a child, and I’m sure others are having the same meltdowns that your family is having – that’s what makes family trips so memorable.

4. Make Your Family Vacation Comfortable

The best family vacations are those where you feel at home! No matter if you are staying in a home, renting a condo, or staying at a resort, it’s the small things that make you feel comfortable.

If you’ve got little ones that need pack and plays or cribs, don’t be afraid to ask. If your rental company or resort doesn’t have exactly what you need, ask if there is a company that provides what you are requesting. Also, there are always Walmart stores and other options where you can find what you need.

Family travel can be stressful for everyone involved. Your kids want to feel just as comfortable as you! With all of the play time during the day, you all will be exhausted at night, so make it feel like home.

5. Spend an Entire Day Doing Something Together

Your entire family vacation doesn’t have to be planned out. We think that a full day of family time is wonderful, to reconnect and realize how lucky you all are. Whether that’s a full day at the beach during the summer, bike rides through the island, or exploring local areas via kayaking and tubing, family experiences make a lasting impression.

Family trips can bring out the best and the worst – kind of like holidays. But preparation, picking the right vacation spot, and enjoying the time together will make it more successful.

Don’t forget about looking into a family-friendly vacation spot like Hilton Head Island, SC, to ensure everyone has a good time, and there are available activities for all ages. Parents, don’t forget to reward yourself with a night out, so get that babysitter! We hope you have the best family vacation full of fun, relaxation, and adventure.

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