Why We Still Love the Beach in Chilly Weather

Nothing beats summer days at the beach – toes in the warm sand and sun-kissed cheeks as the sun goes down. Those days are gone for now, but there are still so many reasons to enjoy the beach in the chillier weather, especially during the holidays!

Here’s our foolproof guide to being a holiday beach bum:

Try a Morning Jog

During the fall and winter months, it’s easy to get a little lethargic and less active. But there is nothing quite as invigorating as an early morning jog on the beach, with the crisp, cool, salty air on your face. Plus, people who workout in the morning are more likely to tackle other tasks throughout the day. It’ll do wonders for your focus and clarity, and it can help to lower stress levels as well. Sounds like a win to us!

Make a Sand Snowman with the Family

We may not have a white holiday season down in the lowcountry, but we still love to get into the holiday spirit. Why not bring the kids down to the beach and build a sandman? Bonus points for driftwood arms, seashell buttons, and sunglasses. And while you’re at it – snap a few pictures and you’ve got yourself a fun picture with your family for social media.

Treasure Hunt

One of the most magical things about the beach during the off-season is that it is so quiet and peaceful. There are long stretches of sand that can go untouched for days. This is the perfect time to get down to the water and find all sorts of treasures – seashells, sea glass, driftwood, coral, sand dollars, and more. Take a solo trip or bring the whole family and fill a bucket with some ocean goodies!

Crafty Tip: Use all of your treasures and make a beautiful, beach holiday wreath or ornaments.

Bundle Up and Star Gaze

One of the best things about our sweet little island is that there is minimal light pollution. This means that on a clear night you can see a full sky of bright stars. Throw on a big and cozy sweater, make a cup of hot tea, and make your way down to the beach at night for a spectacular view.

Beach Bocce and Other Games

Who says you need to be hot and sweaty to play some awesome beach games? Hilton Head has so many mild days during the fall and winter seasons, where the air is crisp, but it’s only cool enough for a light jacket. This is the absolute perfect time for an afternoon game of bocce on the beach. Pack a cooler with some snacks, bring a jacket and some towels, and play some games until the sun goes down. Not that’s a fall day on Hilton Head.

Outdoor Yoga

Get your zen on with a little beach yoga! Go with a group or by yourself and try a yoga practice by the waves. Moonlit yoga is quite delightful, or perhaps on a warm afternoon to soak up some rays. There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice savasana in the sand followed by a trip up to Coligny for a nice dinner or cocktail.

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